Writing Mindfully

Writing expressionist novels leads me inevitably to write mindful literature. The technique of exaggerating the observed in order to explore its forces, forces me to create situations in which every human emotion is examined. This includes the fears and loves of the reader. The chapter in The Last Stop where Jack and Maria dispose ofContinue reading “Writing Mindfully”

Berlin Life 3. Gay times reveal our fears. Part 1

Berlin Life Series. The Viktoria-Luise-Platz. Excerpt from my forthcoming Berlin Diary OK – weather is fine. Time for an old man to find out what is going on in the world. Round the corner is, according to the city guide books, the centre of the European gay scene. As a man who has only knowinglyContinue reading “Berlin Life 3. Gay times reveal our fears. Part 1”


Die Geschichte hat zwei Heldinnen. Zuerst sollen Sie Felicity kennenlernen. Sie ist die älterer Frau. ‘Unkraut vergeht nicht!’ würde sie sagen. My novel <The Last Stop> can be purchased in English on Amazon. 🇬🇧  🇺🇸  Oder auf Deutsch DE Mein Roman <Endstation – Eine Geschichte aus Berlin> wird ab jeztz als Auszuge, erscheinen. Hier istContinue reading “Fremdgehen”