Clive La Pensée – Beer, Blogs and Literature

Let me take you through the history of brewing.

On the way you can –
  • Become DTP proficient and create unique and beautiful labels for your beer.
  • Get into beer-collectables.
  • Garner beer wisdom.
  • Write beer blogs. and make friends across the brewing community.
  • Brew awesome gyles, know how to delight friends and above all, what to give for Christmas.
Clive La Pensée

Clive La Pensée’s beer pages

Join an authority on brewing historical beers.

A legend from the 90s
The book that rewrote home brew.
  • It was 1980 and no one had published a meaningful beer book in decades.
  • I wrote the one that redefined craft brewing. I formed the first ever Indie Publisher (Montag Publications) and published the first edition in 1990.
  • Described as among the best 10 books on beer, ever written.
  • Fully updated last year, now in litres, Imperial and US gallons, Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Brews from the middle ages to late 19th century.
  • How to make the malt to make the genuine article – full instructions.
  • Ready for your iPad, tablet, Kindle Fire and iPhone/Android.
The wackiest beer book, ever!
  • Make your own macro-brewery on historical principles.
  • Plant and harvest from your own hop garden. Full drying instructions.
  • Propagate your house-brewery yeast strain and achieve uniqueness.
  • Goethe would have had a copy, if I had written it in time.
  • Drop me a line under <contact> and PayPal £5 for a signed copy. Please add £2.50 for overseas postage.

Goethe had his own hop garden.

He knew. If you like someone, you give them your brew. People you love, you teach to brew!

Pale Ales – the greatest Ales ever brewed.

19th century Pale and India Pale Ales, were the greatest beers ever brewed.
  • Full instructions on how these amazing beers were brewed.
  • Keep them a year and enjoy a spectrum of flavours, akin to a dry white wine.
  • Achieve the wow-effect of your lifetime, when you give these to friends.

Porter and Stout. The beers everyone talks and sings about, but no one brews!

Dark, bitter and very strong, is how they were!
  • Porter – that hidden treasure of 18th and 19th century England.
  • This is the only book to tell you how to do it properly.
  • Strong, very bitter and very dark!
  • Awesome Ales, accurately described from original sources.

Build your own house brewery.

We can imitate history, using plastic and stainless steel, to recreate a gravity fed brewery.

Build your own house brewery, but no like this.
More like this! The ultimate DIY project.

And above all – no more soggy pages.

Brew, build, garden, a complete hobby, all with your iPad, tablet, Kindle Fire, or phone.

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