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Here is a selection of my books in English and German.

Just Out – Angst and the Beatles Generation.

The sixties are famous everywhere for their drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll, except among those of us who were there and didn’t notice. We wore the clothes our mums and dads wore – not literally, but certainly in style. We shared their haircut, because barbers only knew one way to cut hair and listened to their music on their radio and watched their TV programmes.
And then came space exploration and transistors and small radios we could have in our bedrooms – radios, that played our music, synthetic clothing which displayed our colours and identity, 49cc mopeds that provided cheap transport to our mates’ houses and the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and The Kinks – that’s just a few from this side of the Atlantic – and we were suddenly no longer clones of our parents. And of course, the pill and the fear of unwanted pregnancy was gone, too.

Angst and the Beatles Generation – Short reads from the 60s.

So where were the drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll? I don’t know, but not where I was. I remember angst, in huge portions, uncertainty of identity – did I belong to my parents or to the promiscuous world the press told us existed. That world we were not aware of was so pernicious that pressure groups were formed to keep us on the straight and narrow. Names such as Cliff Richard, Lord Longford and Mary Whitehouse told us to have none of it. ‘Of what,’ we screamed. ‘Someone show us the way!’

And we had angst, by the barrowload. It was all very well jettisoning our parents’ views, but what should we use instead? Certainly not what Mary Whitehouse recommended, of that we were sure.
We knew we were the assured cool generation. It just didn’t’ feel like it. Here is a sampler.

Try another story from A Short History of Anxiety

Out now! All proceeds to a mental health charity.

Available through Amazon, The Holy Mere, a story about falling apart under the pressure.


Amazon reviews for The Last Stop

  • Get on board with a feast of real life characters as they courageously slalom through Berlin leaving a trail of blood.
  • This is a modern day glimpse of corrupt, drug inspired prostitution set against the backdrop of people trafficking.
  • Read it if only to experience the sights, sounds and odour of Berlin street life. Terrific appeal from a virgin novelist.

Review for Goddesses.

Quite a while since I read a book and I was warned that this was a bit steamy but also with a light hearted theme running through it combined with references to the classics. Definitely one for the broadminded. You may want to use brown paper covers if you are reading it on public transport !!!

Ian Edgeler

5* and unashamedly erotic, original, romantic, funny, witty, irreverent!
Goddesses follows the path of Connie, the successful business woman, who discovers the liberation of sexual freedom, and the disasters it can bring.
She fights back – of course.

Try the first few chapters – free.

The Last Stop Video
Now in English (original) and German.
Maria gets into trouble with the Berlin gangster world. Jack, 40 years her senior, allows himself to be drawn in to her revenge rampage. Black humour, intense thriller – for some, too much to handle. 4.5*

The Last Stop, as ebook or paper. or in the US, click here for free chapters.

Amazon review for ‘Someone Tell Me What Is Going On.’

I’ve read a huge number of books in my life and this has to count as one of the best. It has humour, suspense, class war, physical relationships but mostly it is a really good insight into families; those we hope ours are like and those we’re glad not to be a part of. I found hard to put down, the characters are well drawn and, though I don’t know the area in which it’s set personally, its highly believable.

Brian Swinton

How the other half live! Sometimes, not that well, which is why Millie gets the holiday job from hell, but loves every moment – until the murders start.
See my Suffolk video

Someone Tell Me What Is Going On!‘ Millie shouts as events, deceit and worse, get beyond her.

Funny, moving, coming of age, thrilling and original.

Beer Books

The book of historical gyles that changed the face of brewing. Ready for you iPad, tablet or phone, so no more soggy pages.
The history of stout, porter and brown beer brewing, ready for you iPad, tablet or phone. 25 awesome gyles to take your socks off
The history of the greatest beers, ever brewed. 25 awesome gyles for you to try.

As ebook or paper – click here for free pages.

The ‘how to,’ beer book. How to grow and dry hops, propagate yeast, build an 19th century gravity brewery etc.

Only in paper but reasonably priced.

Soon back on Amazon for £2.50 + pp.

Irreverent Poetry

Life as you have never experienced it.

Poetry should be understood.

This is not a fashionable point of view, which is why much poetry is steeped in imagery and not much else.

I can be honest and rude, because I’m not short of detractors, either, but that makes life super-interesting.

There is nothing worse for an author, than the uncomfortable silence, following a reading. I’d rather hear raspberries.

Hull is never dull, but this is as you have never seen it.

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