Thrillers – The Last Stop – A Berlin Story

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Get on board with a feast of real life characters as they courageously slalom through Berlin leaving a trail of blood.
This is a modern day glimpse of corrupt, drug inspired prostitution set against the backdrop of people trafficking.
Read it if only to experience the sights, sounds and odour of Berlin street life. Terrific appeal from a virgin novelist.

Richard W Baker

Excellent! Entertaining and very readable, makes you want to laugh out loud at times and then cry at others. Felt I wanted to look at a map of Berlin to follow where the action was. Clive La Pensée obviously has very good knowledge of the city. Can highly recommend it, makes a great holiday read!

Amazon customer

I couldn’t put it down! This starts off as a routine crime story with a most unlikely hero and heroines and builds to an epic black comedy of Brian Rix quality. It would make a great film.

Ian Edgeler

A roller coaster ride through the seedier side of Berlin. A great cast of characters, blood, mayhem and dark comedy.

Broken Pier

Five Stars. A great read really enjoyed it.

Amazon customer

An interesting and certainly unusual story with a varied cast of characters and lots of surprises. An innocent tourist ends up involved in murder after trying to help a young woman. Back home in England, his wife is having an affair. The author does a good job of weaving these two plot-lines together.


Für mich, der ich vor ca. 50 Jahren ausführlich Englisch am Gymnasium gelernt habe, war eine mehrtägige Einlesezeit notwendig, da das Vokabular zum Teil ziemlich speziell ist. Aber dann hat die Spannung mich mitgerissen und ich konnte kaum noch aufhören zu lesen. Eine Fülle von Ideen lassen immer wieder neue Situationen entstehen und man freundet sich langsam mit den Protagonisten an. Interessant ist auch die authentische Beschreibung der diversen Tatorte und Örtlichkeiten in Berlin. Naja und den skrupellosen Zuhältern und Bossen der Sexindustrie wollte ja wohl jeder schon mal eine reinwürgen!

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