Haiku Mindfulness

Use 17 syllables to clear your mind.
Mindfulness is the new buzzword, but have we got it wrong? Many followers use meditation to clear the brain of rubbish, but the 17 syllables of a Haiku in 3 lines, is the perfect way to investigate one’s feeling and thoughts. Take a photo and add a Haiku. It’s more fun than meditation and you have something to show for the effort.
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Who watches linear TV? Who cares about the BBC?

We are being manipulated as never before, by unscrupulous politicians and lobbyists. Can we fight back?
Let them destroy their own propaganda media.

I couldn’t afford a therapist so I watched Frasier.

Men never have problems until they make them. Most blokes have a self-destruct button. That’s why I wrote it as a woman!
Lilith is my first Goddess, except she wasn’t a goddess. She was Adam’s first missus, but we don’t talk about her, because she gave Adam some lip, when he insisted on always going on top. She paid Adam back by seducing an angel and was consequently written out of theology. History reduced her to the screech owl (and Frasier’s wife of course). She has hung on in the bible. She is there, in Genesis, but presumably that is an oversight. She is alive and well on the concrete pillar to the entrance to the Südgelände.

Once you start making the effort to ‘wake yourself up,’ – that is, be mindful of your daily activities – you appreciate your life more.
R. Biswar-Diener


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