Goddesses – Riposte to 50 Shades.

Image by Grazia – flickr.com Excerpt from 49 ½ Shades of Charcoal – Get free pages here. Chapter 1 – The Flirt ‘Connie! You look like you have seen a ghost!’ ‘A ghost would be fine, Dee. I could put it down to too much cheese or a raunchy kipper.’ My PA Dee was wideContinue reading “Goddesses – Riposte to 50 Shades.”

Taking a Haiku chance.

It’s about getting over inhibitions about what you do. You have to be able to face down the critics. If you can’t do that, then stay stumm. I have never dared creative writing in German, but now is the time. A Haiku is only 17 syllables long so what are the chances of making a mistake?
Quite good, actually.