Lockdown musings about the hetero spectrum.

Scams during lockdown are rife. Here is a contrast between women at either end of the honesty spectrum.

Perfidious racism in the middle classes.

Another serial for my followers. I know some are disappointed that I have stopped chapters from but the whole book is available for jJust £0.99 on Amazon.

Flash Fiction 1 – Sweet Dementia

The key slid in the lock with its usual slight resistance – or did it? Wasn’t there a different feel to his apartment door? How would he be able to decide that? He knew he imagined things and then often had to admit they were unverifiable. That was to be expected at his age, butContinue reading “Flash Fiction 1 – Sweet Dementia”

Flash Fiction 2 – Sweet Nostalgia

My dad asked me to take him to France, one last time, to buy his cigars. ‘They are cheaper in Calais,’ he assured me. Long grey waves, white topped, sway us. The captain says, ‘Force 7 Beaufort,’ in a matter-of-fact way. ‘It won’t be moved,’ I assure my dad. ‘65000 tons, rock solid and rockContinue reading “Flash Fiction 2 – Sweet Nostalgia”