Lockdown musings about the hetero spectrum.

Scams during lockdown are rife. Here is a contrast between women at either end of the honesty spectrum.

2. Baise-Moi versus The Last Stop

‘Violence in books and films doesn’t make peaceful people violent. It just makes them more creative.’
Despentes and Anderson in interview.
I watched the DVD (cut version, which spared me watching a man have a gun thrust up his rectum).

Topography of Terror

Hildegard Kneff starred with Ernst Wilhelm Borchert, in ‘The Murderers Are Among Us’. A film about the Nazi war criminals, rejoining everyday life (1946) Topography – a detailed description or representation on a map of the physical features of an area. Terror – the use of extreme fear to intimidate people, especially for political reasons.Continue reading “Topography of Terror”


Die Geschichte hat zwei Heldinnen. Zuerst sollen Sie Felicity kennenlernen. Sie ist die älterer Frau. ‘Unkraut vergeht nicht!’ würde sie sagen. My novel <The Last Stop> can be purchased in English on Amazon. 🇬🇧  🇺🇸  Oder auf Deutsch DE Mein Roman <Endstation – Eine Geschichte aus Berlin> wird ab jeztz als Auszuge, erscheinen. Hier istContinue reading “Fremdgehen”