Adding Mindfulness

Get mindful. Appreciate things around you more by writing 100 words about your first impression.

That hat, tilted jauntily forward, to say, ‘I’m something special.’
But only because of the silver spoon you were born with, tucked safely now between those carefully rouged, but too severe for comfort, lips.
And those hands, pushing the book’s wisdom away with their dismissive stance, but eyes still searching for some meaning to the day.
Your children will pay for your ambition. You will suffer from self-pity and too much cake, because that is the destiny of your tribe.

Published by Clive La Pensée

Clive La Pensée, ex-science teacher, recognised writer on history of beer, novelist, expressionist, dreamer, believer in never giving up, empathiser, hopeful for a future without class, gender or racial prejudice. It's tough and at the moment, one has to remember distance travelled, rather than where we are at.

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