Who watches linear TV? Who cares about the BBC?

I’m being pestered by petitions – people with their hearts in the right place, telling me the BBC is under threat.

Of course it is and who cares?

I never thought I would write such an awful thing, but times change.

I’m disgusted by their ageist policies, especially applied to women, pay differentials, especially applied to women, bias to whosoever holds the purse strings, USA obsession, blatant pro-brexit, anti-Corbyn attitude, treatment of Emily Maitless….

Except, I don’t know any of the above is true. I haven’t watched TV news on any channel since June 2016, nor listened to a radio bulletin . I read the NYT, Guardian and Mirror online. It means I can choose what I can stomach. Trump, Johnson, to name two from a long list, will give me ulcers if I don’t protect myself and they are not worth it. Truth is an irrelevancy to them. I would put Gove on the list, but he is intelligent. If only he could convince us of his honesty.

I only listen to non-political Radio 3 and haven’t viewed linear TV in years.

Put in a nutshell – I doubt the BBC is worth saving and I no longer care.

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