Unsettling and sexy, in equal measure. Your hidden desires, too?

How to plan a seduction. One can take a leaf from nature’s handbook and let it all hang out.

Picture by Kerstin Winters – Flickr.com

Connie Grimshaw was seduced into a life of sexual liberation by two ill-advised sherries at lunchtime.

I posted the first half of Chapter 1, in which Connie, offered enticements for a contract. Her PA decided she would have to go through with it. We left the story with her preparing for her rendez vous, with Greg, the CEO of a major Baltimore customer.

Click here for the video of the story summary.

Here is the conclusion of Chapter 1.

‘Stop mocking me! It’s not funny. I’m not doing it. That wasn’t a date I agreed to. It was a screw, so if you think he is so great, you take my place.’

That wiped the smirk from Dee’s face, but for just a moment, until she thought of her answer.

‘I can’t. I don’t have the authority to sign the contract, so it’s over to you. And what is wrong with a Lilith moment?’

I knew Dee’s hobby – no. That is too weak. Dee’s passion is myth and symbolism. She’d thrown Lilith into the conversation, well knowing I would be clueless and have to ask.

‘Who’s Lilith? Obviously not Frasier’s wife from the sitcom.’

That turned the tables. I was about to boast with my knowledge of a classic TV series. She ignored my pitch.

‘Lilith, my dear, was the original woman. Most people think that was Eve, made from a bit of Adam’s rib. Chauvinistic claptrap. Before Eve, Adam got bored, so God made him a woman out of clay, just as he had made Adam. She was Lilith, Adam’s first wife. She thought she had the same rights as Adam and wouldn’t do things just because Adam said so. In some versions she complained about Adam always wanting her underneath during sex. She decided to teach Adam a lesson and seduced an archangel. She was the original power Frau.

‘Lilith was ignored by theologians, even though she is in Genesis 1:27. The Christian myth mill turned her into a witch, night demon, shriek owl and so on. She has ended up the incarnation of woman’s lust, causing men to be led astray. That’s what can happen to you if you buck the system.’

‘And you still want me to seduce Greg to get a contract? Lilith would have kicked him downstairs or seduced his priest, out of spite.’

‘Sleeping with Greg to get a contract does not count as bucking the system. That’s being a good girl. Adam would have been fine had he let Lilith have her way. She wasn’t asking for much. She wanted to be top dog once in a while. She went off and screwed another as revenge. If Greg won’t give you what you want, he will miss out on the screw of his life. You have to let him know that. If he is a good boy, he won’t be able to stand up by the time you are finished with him. He won’t have the energy or inclination to defy you ever again.’

I began to protest, but didn’t get far. Dee’s voice became authoritative and left no room for manoeuvre, not even for a boss.

‘Listen carefully, Connie. If we don’t get that contract, the firm goes bust and everyone can look for a job.’ She thumbed over her shoulder at the engineers leaving for the gym. ‘Those guys need the bonus. They have wives, children and mortgages to support. Some of them have not drawn a proper salary for two months. They have been supporting the project, at risk, so to say. But they would pick up new jobs. We, on the other hand, are only as good as our last transaction. We are stuffed without that contract and you know it. What’s the big deal? You must have screwed a bloke in the past to get what you want. Get out there, be a Lilith and show that prick what you are made from. Not clay! Womankind will admire you for it.’

‘I don’t see myself as a “Queen of the Night’’,’ I mumbled and felt a blush rise from below my stiff blouse collar.

‘You volunteered for the post,’ she told me. ‘Queen of the Night, Lilith, call yourself what you will; you are going to get a man to do what he doesn’t want to do, for no other reason than he wants to get in your knickers. Talking of which, I bet you are wearing those awful harvest festivals again.’

‘Harvest festivals?’ I weakly repeated, not getting the joke.

‘All is safely gathered in,’ she explained, but then went into practical mode, and that’s what I pay her for.

‘I’ll book a table for two in the corner and make sure the team go out this evening. We don’t want them cramping your style with lewd comments, but now we need to get you some sexy underwear at the hotel lingerie shop. If you are wearing the same brand as I saw in the swimming pool changing room last week, they are a complete turn-off. Let’s go.’

 ‘I need a drink,’ I protested.

‘No, you don’t. Not yet at least. Get gently drunk on the wine over dinner. Take it easy, though. One can misjudge things in tricky situations. Lilith was always in charge, never more than when the blokes thought they were calling the shots.’

‘One question. Suppose it’s the other way round?’

‘I don’t get you.’

‘You said, “You are going to get a man to do what he doesn’t want to do, for no other reason than he wants to get in your knickers.”’ But maybe he is hanging me out to dry over the contract, to make me do something I don’t want to do.’

She laughed.

‘You don’t look like a woman with much resistance. I think you are up for this. You haven’t admitted it to yourself yet.’

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