A bit of nature – Haiku

The traditional Japanese Haiku requires a turning point after line 2 and an element of nature. This natural-world feel is often ignored by modern writers as one no longer wants to be restricted by convention. Every so often, I see a moment that demands the real thing.

My thanks to Vern Smith (Flickr.com) for posting the above growth of a fungus emerging from her timber retaining wall – thankfully in New Zealand. I don’t want one!

Here is my picture from an East Riding forest. It tempted the Haiku pen, too.

For phone users –

Dead vegetation

Offers life to dormant raiders.

Waiting spores oblige.

Fungi are often the first invaders when decomposition of organic matter occurs. This requires the spores to be omnipresent and cast off their dormant cloak the moment warmth and moisture allow. The fungus will break down the heavy stuff, leaving the path free for bacteria and small animals to set up home.

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