Book launch – Raunchy Goddesses.

Still Waters Run Deep

Goddesses or 49 ½ shades of charcoal, is the full title.

It is my challenge to 50 Shades. This isn’t about a woman who does things in the bedroom or dungeon, with which she can’t identify. It’s about a woman who realises her sexuality has been too long in the cupboard and when she finally releases it, is able to help those around her. Writers, should always write from the heart and risk the result.

Heroine Fightback

The story needs a plot. The bad boys misuse the good nature of my liberated heroine, but she fights back, beautifully.

Outrageous! Brilliantly funny – the beta-readers said.

Front and back cover to Goddesses – Goddesses – 49 ½ shades of charcoal

Author Jitters

The 31st August will be a challenge. That’s the day it will be delivered to the pre-order customers. It took me over two years to get the courage together to press the release button and publish.

Do it!

Do it! my friends told me. Release the ancient goddesses on the world. I start with Inanna and her ancient Sumer Song. I’d love to reprint it here, but I would have to put an 18 warning on the blog. It’s in full in the novel, which is definitely and 18!

18 warning for Inanna Song

As I grew up there was one moto for young men – show no fear, show no emotion. If I think back to the overriding emotion, it was guilt. This is me casting it off. So, for all the people out there, who want an uninhibited sex-life, perhaps this is how one should do it. You can pre-order now on Amazon.

Available 31st August 2020 – a post Covid read – hopefully.

Pre-order your copy.

Published by Clive La Pensée

Clive La Pensée, ex-science teacher, recognised writer on history of beer, novelist, expressionist, dreamer, believer in never giving up, empathiser, hopeful for a future without class, gender or racial prejudice. It's tough and at the moment, one has to remember distance travelled, rather than where we are at.

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