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The Last Stop and the last proofs.

The Last Stop is Clive’s latest Berlin Thriller. Now out through my new publisher, BNBS.

AND now available in German translation.

How often has Clive been asked if the action in his novels, are autobiographical? He has lost count. But the voyeurs among his readers want to know if he did all those things, or just thought them, which would be bad enough.

‘You are unlikely to find an agent or publisher, so make sure you enjoy what you are writing. That way, you will get some reward from the exercise,’ is the mantra in the writing business. Do crime writers have to be criminals? Does J K Rowling have a broomstick licence? Did Clive have to do all the seedy clubs in Berlin to build his super-heroine Maria, the linguist from Poland, bent on revenge? Or was he just having fun?

Clive finds fiction writing more rewarding than writing about the history of beer, which is where he started. The history of beer made money by turning a hobby into an earner, whereas fiction has been nothing but a cash sink, and is likely to remain so. But the point of fiction writing, and reading is to have safe adventures, from your armchair. The author gets a bigger thrill than the reader, because overseeing the action is special.

Is ‘The Last Stop’ autobiographical? Download the e-book or paper copy from Amazon and judge for yourself.

His next novel ‘Someone tell me what is going on!’ takes the PoV of a 19 year old lesbian, her much older aristocratic lover and her promiscuous friend Millie. Autobiographical? There’s a thought.

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The Last Stop – & Berlin Rocks 2 for Maria’s storyboard.

The Last Stop Felicity’s story

The Last StopMaria vs Dmitri

Locations and background to the book – try Last Stop

Sample Pages. Read the first pages. More to follow.

Purchase here via Amazon UK or – here via Amazon US. Perhaps you live in Berlin?

The moment approaches – The Last Stop – A Berlin Story

Beer Files – to download from Amazon or view the YouTube Videos

Brew your Own Awesome Gyles

YouTube video on brewing with your iPad, Windows or Android device.

Brewing Stout and Porter

Awesome Brown Beers for you to brew.

Ian S Hornsey, author of The History of Beer and Brewing said, ‘I don’t need to write about Porter – Clive has said it all.’
‘Ask ten brewers and you’ll get eleven opinions’ – is the brewers maxim and it can never be truer than for Brown Beers. They have their origins in the 17th century. Any book on brown beer brewing must make clear how different the approach to scientific discovery was before the industrial revolution. We take rational thought for granted. How else can we know a plane will fly before it has left the drawing-board, or maintain the manic pace of change of the 21st century? It is hard for us to comprehend the minds of men and women three hundred years ago, who never thought rationally – at least, not in our sense of the word, and yet have made so many things work, so elegantly and with such precision. Furthermore, because they only base their knowledge on what they have already experienced, their method of recording that experience was different to ours.
This is a must-read text for beer lovers who want to know the history of porter and stout, why it was the drink of people unable to afford tea, coffee or claret, why all social classes consumed huge quantities, and why it disappeared from pub bars, quicker than it emerged. Now, it is a curiosity, but definitely a quirk with a comeback.
This book tells you how to brew original brown beers, why they were the way they were and the economic reasons they went out of fashion.

Clive’s Mission Statement

Irreverent – anything goes, but let’s not offend without reason.

Contoversial – We have to challenge order or nothing changes.

Logical – it needs to make sense. I doubt the deliberately obscure have anything worth saying.

Phobe phobic – no time for xenophobes, misogynists and homophobes.

Lover of men and women who have overcome great adversity, to then go on and produce something great. Great need not be big, or famous – just something they can be proud of.

Everyone is getting something right.

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